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The Sound
at Marrowstone Vineyards

Fridays and Saturdays, 5-8pm

9th Marrowstone Mountain Boys, with oysters served on the half shell by Chris Brown
10th Nathan Earle, with BBQ served by Double D’s
Raygun Carver
17th John Nelson
23rd The Alternators
Paul Rogers and his Swingin’ Humannequins, with BBQ served by Double D’s
30th CD Woodbury

1st The Delta Rays
7th The Musers
8th Locos Only
14th Brian Douglas
15th Next Up, with BBQ served by Double D’s
21st Jack Dwyer Trio
22nd Paul Rogers and his Swingin’ Hummannequins
28th Tree City Travelers
29th Tree City Travelers, with BBQ served by Double D’s

4th Andy Geiger Trio
5th Locos Onlywith
 BBQ served by Double D’s
11th Jean Lenke Trio
12th Joe Eurowith
 BBQ served by Double D’s
18th Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints
19th Joe Euro
25th Raygun Carver
26th Next Upwith
 BBQ served by Double D’s

1st GO Four
2nd Joe Euro
8th Jack Dwyer
9th Sweet Justice Bandwith
 BBQ served by Double D’s
15th Intensive Porpoises
16th Paul Rogers and his Swingin’ Humannequins


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