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Our Roots

From contractor to chemist.

James and Amy Holloway never expected to be back in the hometown where they first met, raising their son on an island amongst 2.5 acres of grapes. Owning Marrowstone Vineyards has been their 2nd greatest accomplishment.

As the sole winemaker, James has spent sleepless nights creating the county's most desired wines. He sources some of the best grapes Washington State has to offer and believes that good fruit needs minimal intervention. His winemaking style honors the old-world profiles of each varietal through a lens unique to the Pacific Northwest.

While James travels the state to create a premium product, there’s one face you can count on seeing when you stop by Marrowstone Vineyards. Taylor has been working in the tasting room for 7 years and is responsible for organizing events, curating the local art displayed, and creating The Marrowstone Lounge. She puts an incredible amount of care and effort in creating a comfortable and memorable experience for our guests.

Marrowstone Vineyards was founded by Ken and Judith Glass Collins in 2012. To read more about their journey, click here.

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